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Kailey Marks
Classroom 13


Okay so let's get up to speed here cause people post too much. So, Long story Short, at first Jelly Bean asked out some girl. What?! Why not me?! Nah I'm just kidding. I do like him, but not in that way. And then, apparently, the teacher was talking about Fairytail stuff and a guy called Oz. And then said for his students that's right,students to go after him.

Is he crazy? Kion started to protest and blah blah blah. Then The teacher said something to some girl and voila. He then asked everyone to leave the Classroom. Pfft, okay. I was gonna stay here all night but whatever. ((sarcasm sarcasm)) Some girl then started to have a major panic attack. Better get out before she explodes! I got out of my seat and quickly walked out the classroom, then made my way through the hallways.

Oooo I've got such a awesome idea! What if I like..... darn I just forgot. I sighed, and continued making my way through the hallway. Ya know, I wish they would like, put all the dorms just in the school. So you don't gotta walk outside.. Like what if it's super cold or starts to rain and you didn't bring a Umbrella! Do these people even think? I reached outside, and I walked over to the girls dorms, then made my way into my room. Sighing, I threw myself onto my bed, and stared outside.

Maybe i'll see the graveyard and the Wizard Of Oz. See what I did there? Yea, whatever.

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