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I've always picked the starter depending on their final typing, and so far i've always been a huge fan of the Fire starters...but, after 3 Generations of Fire/Fighting, i think its time to pick something new.
Chespin looks really sweet and cool at the same time, i might pick him, although grass types have never been my thing, especially because of their many type disadvantages. I hope his second type will make him more resistant, like rock maybe?
Froakie...not much to say, people say he is ugly, i think he looks better than oshawott - Dont ask me why, i just really cant stand oshawotts design.
He might become Water/Ice, or who knows, maybe Fighting?
Fennekin looks cool, just please dont let him become a fighting type. I know he really doesnt look like one (for now), but hey, did you guys expect torchic to become fighting if you didnt see his evolutions? I guess i will keep my fingers crossed

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