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    My concern is that fulfilling the pokedex takes time and effort, but the awards are usually so small that it's not even worth it; you'd generally get one of those paper awards saying that you'd completed the pokedex, and give you a small symbol. I'd like how in B2W2 there was the introduction of havens on where if you've completed the pokedex, you get to go to this haven where you can catch a shiny haxorus. I'd love it if there was something like that again in X&Y, where you get to capture rarer pokemon, for at least completing the regional dex; maybe you'd get the chance of capturing the starters or something. For completing the whole national pokedex, I'd like an award on where it'd benefits you if you were EV training your pokemon; some sort of "item" that helps your pokemon get flawless IVs upon hatching, or help your pokemon gain EVs easier? Something like that, I'd want, and I'd definitely would complete the pokedex for that.

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