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Originally Posted by PMniac View Post
You don't need any addiotional prgram to patch the game ._.
Just download your game .rar file. Unzip it, and put the clean (USA) version of the game on the same folder you unziped the pack.

1- Open the XDelta GUI.exe file
2-Select Patch.
3-Select the Pokemon Neo SoulSilver.patch(for example) and then click Open.
4-Click Select ROM.
lol thanks for da tip, dude. at least I know can patch without a problem. :p

Originally Posted by Glitch Kitty View Post
Talking about NET Framework...I have like 6 of them on my computer which one is the good one :

1.1 ? 1.1 in my native tongue ? 2.0 SP 2 ? 3.0 SP 2 ? 3.5 SP1 ? 4.0 ?

Should I delete the oldest one and keep only the last one or should I use them all ?
NET Framework 2.0 is really all what u need. Having additional service packages isn't really necessary. As long as u have it 2.0 install on your computer, the patching program should work. Just use either me or PMniac's method and see what da results might be.
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