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Well, it's been noted for a long time how Ichigo and Kaien look alike.
I've also seen people on teh internetz say that Ganju and Isshin kind of look similar.
And this page has cause some people to speculate that Isshin is the uncle they are talking about.
I guess that speculation isn't real well known, but I thought I had seen it here too.

Manga 528
Well, there are no real big differences between the MS and Viz translations.
I think that was a good change of pace from the last few chapters.
There have been a few hiccups, but Kubo's still doing good with this arc, imo.

We finally get final confirmation of two big points...
Isshin was actually a Captain at sometime before. But still no mention of which Squad...
And Masaki was a Quincy, making Ichigo half Quincy.
I wonder if that's part of why Ichigo took in so much of Rukia's spiritual energy.