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First Update!
  • Began Journey
  • Named myself CRYSTAL
  • Picked Chikorita, her name is MEGUMI <3
  • Did beginning stuff...
  • Named Rival SILVER

Adorbs right? :3

Second Update!
  • Met up with a lv 2 Sentret, her name is now COCOA
  • Found a lv 3 Pidgey, now named STRAWBERRY
  • Arrived in Violet City
  • Challenged Gym and won
  • First casualty ;_;
  • Received "mystery egg"

Current Party:
Chikorita/MEGUMI lv 13
Sentret/COCOA lv 10

;_________; </3
Pidgey/STRAWBERRY lv3-9... was a valiant one, she took a critical hit (gust) from Falkner's Pidgeotto and survived, but fell to a follow-up gust afterwards.