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Originally Posted by Harmonixer3500 View Post
Username: Harmonixer3500
Game: Soul Silver
Temp: 26 degrees Farenheit
Sorry about the late reply! How about...
Lanturn, Cloyster, Gengar (Haunter if Trade is not available), Scizor (Skarmory if trade is unavailable), Umbreon and Crobat.

Pokemon White Update #1
Badges Obtained: 5

I rushed through the beginning of the game, choosing Oshawott due to the fact that it is the same type as the first Pokemon I can obtain. I beat the first gym, and then caught Froggy, the typole, right before the second gym. After a lot of training, he was able to solo the next gym. BarrelRoll was caught soon after that, and I proceeded to destroy the next three gyms. I believe I can catch my next guy here, so I'll stop for now.

Current Team:

Froggy the Hasty Seismitoad
Level 38 (Swift Swim)
-Mud Shot
-Super Sonic
-Aqua Ring
-Muddy Water

BarrelRoll the Hardy Scolipede (F)
Level 33 (Swarm)
-Poison Tail
-Bug Bite
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