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Roll The Dice


Sixteen. It has been six years since he left to start his journey today. Sixteen. He shifts a little in the hammock, looking out into the mist from the mountains. From here young pidgeys could be heard waking up, and yanma were buzzing about. He shivered. Bug types freaked him out the most, even the ghost pokemon and their ominous aura seemed bearable in comparison.

Six years ago he was the youngest trainer to beat the Pokemon League, but only by a few days. Not long after that a wave of youth overcame the leagues in all nations. He had one good guy, and won against four legendary opponents. At least that was sort of a record for a while. It's become sort of a right of passage more than a serious challenge to beat the league. Alex twisted out of the hammock and jumped down.

"Typhlosion, let's go get some food, man!" he called. A large mammal with a ring of fire on his neck came bumbling out of the wetland. Fearless of the water, which is odd for his typing. The beast went down to all fours and walked beside his friend.

There was a rustle from inside of a willow as two women in their twenties stalked out. "Steal that big thing? With what, our low level pieces of trash? Who does the boss think he's kidding?" complained the taller, lighter colored hair girl.

The shorter brunette put a hand on her hip as she watched the Typhlosion in her sight. "We need a better system. This is a zero sum game..."

"What? Whatever, k? Let's just go after him, Rosie!" The two retreated to the shadows.
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