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Zoey Wyrmoki / / Pewter City
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The fresh, Pewter City sunlight angles itself across the recently mowed grasses of the park. It's the perfect place for young trainers to battle and perfect their Pokemon's techniques before braving the local gym. This is especially so for youthful Zoey, having risen early in order to prepare for her gym challenge. Perhaps she ought to prepare extensively for her gym battle such as training for a few days and -THEN- tackle the gym, but this is Zoey we're talking about. Not to mention, word on the street has it that the leader of the Pewter gym utilizes the rock type. Zoey already has Vuowth and she's a pretty fierce fighter and has a grass-type move of her own. Surely her grovyle alone ought to be enough to overwhelm those rock-types. Just dodge the rocks!

"Vuowth, come on out!" Zoey says, clicking her pokeball open to allow her Pokemon out. "You too, Zovy!"

Both Pokemon appear before her, just under the tree before the red light from releasing her creatures recedes. Vuowth folds her arms over her chest, tossing Zoey a sassy, irritable look. Meanwhile, Zovy tucks her fluffy down around her body, shaking her head slowly as her vision slowly comes to and sets her sights on her trainer a few yards in front of them.

"Okay!" Zoey states enthusiastically. "Today, we're going for our first gym challenge! We're going to do some warm-up exercises and refine our skills for the battle!"

"But first..." Zoey's eyes lock onto Vuowth, giving her grass-type a stern, serious look. "You and I have to figure out how we can work together. Even with a type advantage, if we can't work together, the gym leader's Pokemon will take advantage of our lack of coordination."

"Groo!" Vuowth blurts back, showing her defiance through her cold expression.

Zoey sighs, changing her demeanor with a light smile to ease the situation. "I know you don't like working with me, but this battle is important! I know you like to battle, so it's important that we find cohesion with each other so we can win battles! Maybe you can show me how you want to fight and I'll try to accommodate you as best I can, okay?"

Vuowth lowers her head, but otherwise remains distant and unresponsive.

"Oh, I know!" Zoey beams with a new idea. "I can have Zovy spar against you! I'll see how you like to fight and I'll take it into account when we challenge the gym!"

Her new idea gets through to Vuowth whose golden eyes widen in recognition of her trainer's idea. She grins approvingly, shifting her focus to Zovy. The poor bird chirps fearfully, taking a few steps back as sweat races down her brow.

"Oh, don't worry Zovy!" Zoey comforts Zovy, rushing over to her swablu before picking her up. "I'll battle with you! It's us against Vuowth! You could use this opportunity to train too, especially against an opponent like Vuowth! I'll need you in the gym battle ahead!"

Zovy squawks softly while embracing her trainer's arms, cuddling in her arms while glancing up at Zoey happily.

"Alright!" she affirms, waving Vuowth over to her as her gaze fixes ahead of her. "Let's find a battlefield. They should have a few somewhere in this park."

Vuowth follows her trainer's lead, eager for battle. If there's one language that Vuowth understands, it's battling. Perhaps this endeavor might prove fruitful for the gang after all. It will take everything from all of them to come away with a victory at the gym later today.

Arriving at one of the park's dirt-covered practice battlefields, Vuowth stands at the ready, gazing intently on her foe, the blue bird cradled in Zoey's arms. Zoey glances over at her grass-type, smiling confidently in her direction.

"You ready to go, Vuowth?" she yells across the field.

Vuowth responds by crossing her arms swiftly in front of her, baring her blade-like forearm leaves and widens her stance in anticipation. Lowering her arms to the ground, Zoey brings Zovy to the ground, planting her talons onto the dusty battlefield. The swablu chirps, flailing her cotton wings around as she tries to hop back up into Zoey's arm. Her eyes are wide in fear, trying to find safety in her trainer's arms once again.

"No! Zovy!" Zoey tries to soother her frightened Pokemon, "I know you're scared but you need this battle! This is a great opportunity for you to become stronger too!"

She reaches down, rubbing Zovy's head to comfort her. The flying-type hums happily, looking up towards her trainer who returns the glance with a confidence smile. Zovy chirps back in renewed confidence, pivoting around and hopping forward onto the field to face Vuowth. However, the scenario sours immediately as trepidation returns to haunt little Zovy. The green reptile peers back at her sparring partner, slowly widening her grin while thrusting her arms through the air as if they were swords. Sweat rolls down Zovy's bright blue down, tweeting nervously with a broken voice. Vuowth knows how to psychologically torment the poor bird, and her aggressive nature and passion for battling only serves to exacerbate Zovy's terror. Having a type advantage over the grass-types serves little encouragement. The reptile has exponentially more combat experience and in her prime while Zovy is only a few days old and can't even fly. Zovy's just not the battling type.
Vuowth won't wait. Speeding along, Vuowth rushes by Zovy with a Quick Attack, tossing her back a few yards in recoil.

"No, not yet Vuowth!" Zoey sighs in frustration, "Zovy needs to use this opportunity to train too!"

As always, Vuowth is all too eager to initiate battle, prematurely attacking Zovy before she is ready. Zovy meanwhile rolls to her side where her tiny talons reconnect with the earth below her. Shaking the dirt off her head and the dust off her fluffy wings, she begins hopping around hastily, eyes wide as she searches anxiously for her assailant.

"Zovy, look out!" Zoey yells urgently towards her Pokemon.

Six bladed leaves slam into the ground right in front of Zovy, stopping her cold in shock. Vuowth was able to sneak up to the panicked bird and attack with impeccable speed, but it seems this time that the move made was one of intimidation, exploiting the nervous wreck of a Pokemon.

"Now, Zovy!" Zoey exclaims in earnest, "Vuowth is vulnerable! Use Fury Attack!"

Vuowth won't let her opponent take advantage of her. Pulling her leaf limbs from the ground, she crosses her arms while lifting them high into the air, her scythe-like leaves facing outward as if she's the Grim Reaper himself. Her arms then make a swift descent, the leaves' edges aiming straight for Zovy's egg-shaped body.

"GROOOO!!" hisses Vuowth in an ear-splitting tone as her arms fall limp to her sides, failing to execute her Fury Cutter technique.

In a series of quick jabs, Zovy's beak bombards the lizard's chest with Fury Attack, sending Vuowth back several steps while Zovy keeps up the pressure. Now, her expression has grown fierce, perhaps due to being fed up with the harassment she's received from Vuowth up until now.

"Zovy, great work!" Zoey praises her bird's aggressive retaliation. "Now, use Peck!"

Redirecting her voice towards Vuowth, Zoey critiques her grass-type with a less approving tone, "Vuowth! Don't get cocky! You can't get so close to your opponent like that and leave your guard down!"

Rearing her white beak, Zovy leaps towards, ready to smash her blunt beak into Vuowth's core yet again. However, Vuowth too has grown angry, rolling off to the side in the dirt to evade Zovy's Peck. Her Leering eyes pierce Zovy with anger, humiliated by letting the bird's Fury Attack get through and by Zoey's unwanted criticism. Now it's vendetta time. Vuowth rushes an intimidated Zovy, whose defenses are temporarily lowered by the grass-type's gaze. Pursuit hits its mark, Vuowth's sharp claws raking Zovy's flesh over while sending her into the rough dirt below. Vuowth holds nothing back, breaking for Zovy's downed form while the bird is still recovering from the attack. Her maw gapes wide, scooping up one of the bird's wings with her jaw. However, Vuowth's Crunch is broken up by a sudden interruption. A loud squawk sends a startling shockwave of sound through the air, breaking up Vuowth's Crunch. Zovy uses Astonish, tumbling out of the reptile's mouth out onto the ground. The attack is successful, causing the grass-type to flinch.

"Great, Zovy! That's how you take on a tough opponent!" Zoey's eyes squinting slightly and her ears cupping over her ears to block the painful shriek. "Let's try Peck again!"

Digging her talons into the dirt, Zovy hurls her body beak first towards Vuowth to attack. However, Zovy's beak is blocked; crossing emerald arms hold the line of attack, forcing back the assailant into the dirt. Hissing defiantly, Vuowth draws her claws again and leaps over Zovy, claws baring.

"Out of the way!" Zoey yells worriedly. "J-just... Turn over and Peck!"

Green talons crash into the small bird's body, forcing Zovy into the dirt. Suddenly, Vuowth throws her left leg high into the air, leaping backwards while digging only her left talons into the dirt. Pursuit hit its mark, but not without Zovy reacting defensively, again taking advantage of Vuowth's reckless tactics. Vuowth's eyes begin to contort deeply, veins pushing their way to the surface. Zovy meanwhile rolls over and dusts herself off, only to catch sight of her foe's murderous expression.

"Vuowth!" Zoey says disapprovingly.

Vuowth shoots her the same ugly, angry scowl she gave Zovy, but Zoey nonetheless persists to scold Vuowth, "You keep making the same foolhardy mistakes! I know you like to fight up close and quick-paced but it wont do you good if you leave yourself open to an attack from a clever opponent!"

The reptile shifts her focus back to Zovy prematurely, watching the swablu tremble with terror. Anger builds up in her over the recent events, scowling so fiercely in rage that her teeth begin to show. Vuowth digs her heels in deep, and with her lightning reflexes, she bolts with incredible speed. Taking both Pokemon and trainer by surprise, Vuowth collides violently into her sparring partner with Quick Attack, tossing Zovy like a cannonball towards a thick tree trunk. Squawking loudly in pain, the bird slowly tumbles to the ground before her body lands, causing a wave of dust to briefly become airborne. However, Vuowth keeps chasing her downed prey. Claws baring, she aims her bladed leaves for the fallen bird and throws her arms back to prepare Fury Cutter.

"Vuowth, stop! It's over!"

A flash of red light envelops Vuowth's reptilian form, enveloping her in a ruby red shroud that sucks her back into her private, spherical lair. Zoey retracts the pokeball, pushing it into her bag before her eyes shift to a badly beaten Zovy. The bird's body is covered in cuts and bruises, her eyes locked shut from overwhelming fatigue. Rushing over to her injured companion, Zovy lands on her knees before Zovy, inspecting her wounds and dusting off her battle-weary frame.
"That was good, Zovy..." Zoey says softly, gently rubbing the swablu's feathery head.

The light of a pokeball consumes Zovy, sucking her back into another realm to rest. Practice is over.

"I'll have to stop by the Pokemon Center now. I might not even be able to challenge the gym today..." Zoey ponders to herself, analyzing the results of her so-called practice session.

"Vuowth is another matter entirely," she stares at her pink sack for several seconds, lost in though over what she's to do about her defiant companion, especially with a gym battle coming up. "Somehow I have to get her to realize how harmful her habits will be."

Dusting herself off, Zoey looks up towards the sky, watching a myriad of birds flying about. Pidove, Pidgey, Taillow, and the occasional Pidgeotto too. The sun is up further in the sky, signifying mid-morning. Park activity has increased as she can hear the voices of several more people than before mingling about. Zoey looks around, spotting a nearby cement path through the park with people traversing it. Cradling her pink bag, she travels over to the pavement, glancing about occasionally as she recalls her previous path. Fortunately, the Pokemon Center is just outside of the park. If she's at all lucky, Zoey might be able to challenge the gym after all, but for now, she'll have to wait. Both of her Pokemon need medical attention.

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