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Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
Might as well start the 'sharing projects in progress' thread in a bit then as I don't think that'd be too hard to figure out how to set up with OP, etc. Needs a catchier title though. =p
"SHARE YOUR WRITING!!" isn't catchy enough?

As for prompt challenges... I think they're a good idea, but only if there's going to be some kind of feedback on them afterwards, perhaps from a rotating panel of volunteer reviewers.
I wonder if it would even be feasible to even think of having a group of volunteer reviewers. Would there be enough interest in that? Because, as you said, there's plenty of stories, but not enough reviews.

We could do a sign-up thread and a schedule for the CYOA. It worked for the Corpse idea that we tried a few years ago. And there's no reason why we can't do a CYOA fic and then a Corpse at a later date if there's enough interest.
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