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Originally Posted by MRCATLEE View Post
Another new guy. I'm actually looking this up for my kids.
They say it is a "Slowbro" but the name is wrong and says Kabutops.


It is from 2010 and says it is #52/123.
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It has no value as it is a fake card. The giveaway is in the fonts and the energy symbols, as well as the horribly inaccurate name. Kabutops is a completely different Pokemon from the Pokemon in the picture, which, as your kids say, is Slowbro. But it's still not an authentic card.

Originally Posted by NeoGenesisLover View Post
Hey Guys, Im new here. I have a card that i have been looking for but havent found any info on.

I have a 1st Edition Meganium from the Neo Genesis set. It has the common error of the black pokemon power text. But it is also a miscut. the right side is cut too much and there is extra border on the left side. Im just wondering if anybody else has seen one of these and what its worth.
Miscuts are very common on Pokemon cards in general and won't make the card anymore valuable, unless someone likes to collect miscuts, in which case it would be slightly more valuable to them. If you're selling it, list it at the same price or slightly more than the normal error 1st Edition Meganium, which seems to be $10 to $15 itself, and label it as a miscut.

Originally Posted by Lakers562 View Post
I have these cards, all NM/M holo, what are they worth?

Shining Magikarp 1st edition - Neo Revelations
Charizard - Base Set
2x Charizard - Base Set 2
Venusaur - Base Set
Lugia - Neo Genesis
Raikou - Neo Revelations
Dark Espeon - Neo Destiny
Dark Charizard - Team Rocket
Dark Blastoise 1st Edition - Team Rocket
Rocket's Mewtwo - Gym Challenge
Blaine's Charizard - Gym Challenge
Blaine's Arcanine - Gym Challenge
Blaine's Moltres - Gym Heroes

I also a Japanse Charizard CD Promo card. Can't post a link to it.
Only 5 cards at a time, please! This is something I do as a hobby! I'll do your first four and the CD promo for now. I won't need a link for the CD promo.

Shining Magikarp 1st Edition: $25 to $30.
Base Set Charizard: Does this have a shadow to the bottom and left of the picture box? Whether it does or not will affect its value. Shadowless: $35 to $40. Shadowed: $15 to $20.
Base Set 2 Charizard: $10 to $15.
Venusaur: Does this have a shadow to the bottom and left of the picture box? Whether it does or not will affect its value. Shadowless: $20 to $25. Shadowed: $10 to $15.
Japanese CD Promo Charizard: $10 to $15.

Originally Posted by Emilia View Post
Cresselia Lv. X - Great Encounters

I'm looking to sell my collection ( ;_; ), but I can't find a consistent valuation for this card. I have two from boosters.
$5 to $10 USD for that, generally closer to $5 than $10, and often lower than $5. Its value kinda got trashed when a version of it identical to the pack version was released in a Clash of Legends box back in late 2010/early 2011. Renpuu's evaluation was certainly a fair evaluation.
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