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BiRDiE // ???
Fara seemed to have grown into a habit of not answering any of Birdie's perfectly reasonable questions, though that might be because she didn't know. When she turned to face him, her eyes went straight to his hands. Or more specifically, the egg in his hands.

"Wow, let me see!" she didn't let him pass it to her, instead yanking it out of his hands. Birdie was reluctant but released his grip. If she wanted to see, why didn't she just look? He made a face but remained silent. The Sophie inside Birdie felt uncomfortable with how Fara seemed to hold it. Maybe it was her maternal instincts or maybe it was because he felt that because a more selfish reason of 'finders keepers'. "I say we go to the beach, there seems to be at least buildings!"

"I guess," he said, following her down, keeping his eyes at his feet (and precariously at the edge of the cliff). Would the beach have water type Pokémon? If Sophie could recall from the games correctly, only deep sand held Pokémon, and even then, they were Ground types. If they wanted Water types, they would need to go into the water. Birdie hadn't tried that as part of the game mechanics yet, even though he had spent a week in Cherrygrove, which was right next to the water. Could players swim?

His eyes raised from his shoes as they crunched uncomfortably in the sand to his companion, whose actions made his stomach lurch almost immediately. Wh-what was she doing!? What if the egg was important?! He opened his mouth and closed it a few times, finding words to tell her to kindly stop. Then, she started tossing it higher. Instintively, Birdie rushed forward and grabbed the egg in midair before Fara could catch it again.

"Wh-what are you doing!?" Birdie held the egg close to his chest. It wasn't damaged in the slightest, but what if she dropped it? The sand is soft but who knew how fragile these eggs were. What if premature Pokémon eggs were toxic and killed them both? What if it had some kind of reviving item inside it? What if it was the key to winning the game? "What if this is important? There might be life in here. You might have broken it..."
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