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As we know, Generation 5 changed the game with the Elite Four. Instead of the precedent set where you face them in a predetermined order, where each member became more difficult, you could choose the order you fought them in and they were all roughly leveled the same. Did you like that change and would you like to see it back for Generation 6? Would you prefer to go back to the old system? Is there some other way you'd like to see it play out?

I actually loved the change of being able to fight them in whatever order you liked. The one thing I wish they could have done (although I have no idea if it would have been possible) would have been to scale the levels of each member as you fought more of them, raising the levels, giving it the same difficulty level that the first 4 generations had. I'd love to see something like that, but if it wasn't possible, I'd be perfectly happy with Generation 5's system.
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