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Each generation of games has had at least one mountain for the players to explore, whether it was a large part of the story line (Like Mt. Pyre in Hoenn or Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh), a dungeon to get through as a challenge for the players (Like Mt. Moon in Kanto or Twist Mountain in Unova), or as an optional sidequest (such as Mt. Mortar and Mt. Silver in Johto, or Stark Mountain in Sinnoh). Do you think there will be a mountain(s) for us to explore this generation? Do you think it will be a story-driven factor of the game, an obstacle, or a side-quest for us to explore?

I'm expecting a mountain to act as more of a dungeon that we have to get through this time. Generation 4 already had the climax of the story happen at the peak of Mt. Coronet, so I don't really think that idea would happen again as a climax of the story. I could see it having a more minor role potentially, but I'm not expecting it.
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