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a tournament for those willing to get out of their comfort zone...
...and try different metagames

How This Works

Each installment of the PC Tournament Series is made up of four "weeks" aka rounds. These weeks literally last a week individually. Weeks 1-3 each contain one set of randomized match-ups like your typical tournament. However, Week 4 is a free-for-all; members can simply choose to battle whoever they want. Think of it as a way to recover if you performed poorly in the previous weeks. The PC Tournament Series relies on a point system to decide the winner. The winner of the tournament is the member that gets 100 points before anyone else. If no one reaches 100 points by the end of the tournament, the person with the most points is considered the winner. To gain these points you simply have to beat other participants in battles, but the amount of points you gain per battle depends on the week they were done in.

During Weeks 1-3...
• +25 points per battle won
• 0 points per battle lost

During Week 4...
• +10 points per battle won
• -5 points per battle lost

— Battle Rules

• BC's General Battle Rules (which includes the standard clauses)
PC Battle Server only.
• Week 1 is BW RU only (moveset analyses), Week 2 is BW NU only (moveset analyses), Week 3 is BW PU only (usage statistics (look at Pokémon under 3.41% usage in NU), NU moveset analyses can be used), and Week 4 allows all of those metagames plus any type of BW Random Battle. In this case, "BW" includes B2W2 and the changes it brought. Don't know what tiers are or need usage statistics? Use our Guides & Resources.
• Weeks 1-3 are Best of Three (scroll over), but Week 4 is Best of One.

— Signing Up

Please read the E&G Guidelines before joining. The spots are filled, but you may still sign up as a substitute.

— Participants List

▪ Points | Forum Username

▪ 75 | Diversion
▪ 75 | Miss Doronjo
▪ 50 | Forever
▪ 50 | Jake♫
▪ 25 | GolurkIsDaBomb
▪ 25 | Twihiki_Amias
▪  0 | ForeverDash
▪  0 | Narnia
1. WeightyWillBill
2. Kanea