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Originally Posted by VydorScope View Post
What strategies beat you?
Most of them had strategies using Pokemon abilities from Pokemon on the bench.
I remember one guy had Eelektriks on his bench , with the ability to get back Lightning energy cards from the discard pile. I think he had like 3! and then with a Black Kuyrem and a Zekrom being his active Pokemon. And then he had like 4 "N " and Pokemon communication cards. so basically he didnt have to draw cards and rely on cards in his hand. So each time I was drawing my cards from my hand, I had to shuffle them all back in, cause he kept on using "N" each turn.

Thanks so much for all your help Renpuu! Im gonna check out Pokegym/Pokebeach right now !!

oh yes donavannj , I have a few good Trainer cards in my one deck. I have the Pokemon catcher, a few Pokemon communications, and few energy retrieval cards. and then Cheren.

I was really hoping on beating some good players with strength, cause I have 4 Reshirams, a White Kyurem and a Kuyrem EX card in my deck. and then the rest are Arcanine and Volcarona and Ninetales, allowing some burns, but I never got to draw all them.
so it seems I need a good strategy, and not just rely on strong Pokemon

Thanks for all your help !!
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