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Lucy - Near Jubilife
Lucy pressed her hands against her stomach idly as she talked, applying mild pressure on top of the already cramped situation for the poor boy. It wasn't exactly severe or anything. The very small difference wasn't going to crush him or even hurt him, but he'd be able to feel them, five finger tips pressing down from above lightly. "I /want/ you to stop acting /weird/ so I can let you /out/!" she stated in a blunt, somewhat harsh manner, shifting her fingers along her stomach and moving to support it from below, lifting slightly to take some of the strain of her legs. Even pokespirit wielders could feel fatigue at times.

"Nobody wants to kill you, okay?!" she stressed equally harshly, unable to remain entirely calm at the moment. "At least, I don't..." she finished in a much harsh tone, staring down at her stomach in thought. Digesting this boy wouldn't do a whole lot for her.

She had already eaten recently.

Hailey and Arcea - Outskirts of Jubilife

Hailey drove her fist into Arcea's stomach and the larger female cringed slightly, but attempted to take the blow like a man. Hailey's response was honestly to lift Arcea without hesitation and slam her back down onto her stomach.


Arcea groaned slightly at the force of impact and reached out, grasping Hailey's ankle in a restrained gesture of defensiveness. Hailey scowled down at her and raised her free leg. "You /disgust/ me." Hailey claimed, mild rage filling her tone. "Driveling over some male. I should end you for your ... /disgusting/ desires." she continued, struggling to access higher level vocabulary through her rage. "You don't understand. He's--He's everything I ever--" Arcea started, before yelping as Hailey's heal was brought down directly onto her cheek, leaving a nice bruise as Hailey promptly grinded said heal against Arcea's bare skin. "GET OVER HIM!!" Hailey screamed at the top of her lungs, flashing an open-mouthed grimace and promptly yanking her foot free... only to use it to deliver a very painful looking kick into Arcea's abdomen that sent her into a fetal position, clutching at her stomach. Even Hailey could overpower someone when they refused to fight back or defend herself properly. A tear came from Arcea's cheek, but she did not immediately respond.

"Get. Over. Him!!" Hailey repeated, kicking Arcea onto her back and promptly stepping on her stomach, applying pressure to the wound. This caused Arcea to grip at her leg and emite several shrill whines, but still she refused to give up. Attract's hold over her was too strong.

"Get over him, or next time I'll kick you where it /hurts/!" she said. Arcea narrowed her eyes slightly. W-What now? "You won't be worrying about having kids once I'm done with you..." Hailey warned in a very cold, distant tone. Arcea's eyes widened as she realized exactly what Hailey meant by her words. "...O-Okay! Okay!!" she replied urgently, with a note of fear in her voice, her legs folding against her in a protective manner. "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me..." Arcea replied hurriedly. Hailey glared down at her for a moment before removing her leg and starting to move away. Arcea struggled to her feet, clutching at her stomach in a pained manner. She then moved to follow Hailey with a slight limp. "Wait up!" she said, trying to catch up with the smaller girl. Hailey stopped and turned her head to glare in a semi-hostile manner, but Arcea only responded with a weakened grin. "Thanks--For snapping me out of it." Arcea responded, forcing herself to try and forgive.

Who in their right mind let someone treat them this way--Especially in this day and age? They were headed to the outskirts of Jubilife, with intent to bring the entire place down.

Lucy - Outskirts of Jubilife
Lucy looked up, spotting some people in the distance. She had heard some screaming. It seemed like a fight might be going on. Normally, she might avoid trouble. However, trouble was exactly what they'd come looking for. She sighed and began to walk, supporting her stomach from below. That wasn't to say she was done talking to Kotowa, mind you. Not by a long shot.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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