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    "So then why come to an Academy specifically for pokemon trainers? I mean, the clues in the name. Pokemon Trainer Academy. You could have learned to battle anywhere, just with practice."

    She kept an eye on him as he got up and started to move around. If it helped him stay alert until the nurse arrived then she was fine with it, but she was half expecting to have to rush over and catch him when he keeled over. He totally owed her a TM or something for all of this, but she could just rib him about it when he was feeling better.

    "I've had a few battles myself," she carried on, pointedly not looking at Cubone, "mostly on my way to the Academy. Once we've trained Shuppet and Litwick a little we can have a proper battle. But I think you might struggle with Corphish here," she grinned wickedly, "he's pretty boss."
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