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I used to find Eridan funny. I still do, actually. I know his sudden Prince of Hope thingo that massacred his friends was shocking, but I didn't really hate him for it. Probably because I was reading it at a time when there was no sustained suspense (reading the updates as archives is heck of a lot different from reading it in bundles), and I immediately found out that Kanaya was okay anyway so I was cool. Also, Drew already said the biggest thing that puts his actions to perspective, which is troll culture and its faults, so yeah. Gamzee, however, I still don't like. I usually like ascended extras (okay maybe he wasn't an extra but his old role was pretty minimal compared to, uh, say Dave) but Gamzee's an exception. Poor guy. He's actually a fun character, really. I just can't put my finger on why I dislike him.

In other news, since we're still on the topic of music, I think I found my favorite songs from what I've listened thus far. And it's all thanks to you guys. :D

I even made a bookmark folder for this playlist, that of which the screenshot above was taken from. But Cid, why not download? Because, I don't feel like shelling out money (not really, I'm just incredibly poor, haha), especially when I can just listen to Bandcamp! XD; So yeah. Oh and I noticed I liked a lot of the Doctor remixes and John-related music. I don't know why, haha. It's arranged from BEST. THING. EVER. to pretty awesome, by the way.
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