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Update #1 for LeafGreen
  • Started up the game and did the starting things up to Pokeballs. I picked Squirtle just incase I need an early Surf slave. His name is VALES - my common name for HM slaves.
  • Made my way through to Viridian City and bought myself few potions.
  • Went to look for a Mankey then...
Caught myself:
Bandit the Mankey
Bold nature (eh...;; )

Sniper the Spearow
Naughty nature
  • Began a tedious training session to over level every bird in the area. So much running to Pokecenter.
  • Challenged my Rival with my power leveled Duo. (So many Rattatas died for the cause.)
  • Headed north to Viridian Forest after buying Antidotes.
  • Arrived after a bit to Pewter City and went to challenge Brock. Mostly with Bandit.
  • After the more or less easy win, I headed for Mt. Moon and saved around the Pokecenter there.

The Team so far:
Bandit | Mankey | 15
Karate Chop / Leer / Low Kick / Scratch

Sniper | Spearow | 13
Peck / Growl / Leer / Fury Attack


Update #1 for Emerald

  • Started up my save from Prof. Birch being harassed by a Linoone... and I picked a Mudkip! (I herd U liek...) Named him Claude.
  • Saved the day and was told to go meet May. Argh. This slow walking!
  • Beat her Treecko with a bit of training on the way.
  • Finally got mah pokeballs and went to look myself a Ralts.
  • Tedious searching is tedious...
Tamara the Ralts
Impish nature
  • Then I caught myself a bunch of Zigzagoons to find myself things. And for Cut/Strength/Rock Smash. (They won't be leveled.)
  • Trained up before meeting my Dad and Wally.
  • Met Scott. That stalker!
  • Made my way to Petalburg Woods.
  • Beat the Team Aqua grunt on the way. Got a Wailmer Pail and some berries.
  • Arrived to Rustboro and did some plot things. Tried not to overlevel everything with Claude and Tamara.
  • Challenged Roxanne. Water Gun vs. Rock Tomb
  • Whee! Did some final things before going to talk with May for a battle. That random Torkoal glitch in her team is just so... yeah.. I don't know
  • Had to save the day again - A man was separated from his beloved bird!
  • Anyway... Backtracked some and caught myself a lift to Dewford.

The Team so far:
Tamara | Ralts | 16
Confusion / Double Team / Teleport / Growl

Claude | Mudkip | 15
Water Gun / Mud Slap / Tackle / Bide

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