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Considering I've never done it (and I've played since the US release of Red/Blue), I agree: There needs to be something that creates more of a drive to complete a pokedex. Sadly I can't think of anything other than possibly a really exclusive item (apparently BW2 had an item to make finding shinies easier?)

At the same time, that's not a huge incentive for me. Learning RNG is significantly easier than finishing a pokedex, and aside from that, I don't personally care if a pokemon is shiny or not. Perhaps they could create an item that's more battle oriented or stat related. I figure most people after completing a pokedex have obviously beaten the game (possibly multiple times) and therefore don't have much to do after finishing that pokedex except battle. Something that either guarantees a nature / improves the chances of getting a nature (moreso than everstone breeding or synchronize wild battles) would be a nice addition. Or even an item that increases the chances of getting higher IVs on your pokemon would be pretty neat too.
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