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Originally Posted by Shiny Electivire View Post
Erm, hello.

Username: Shiny Electivire
Type: Poison
Challenge: Single
Game(s): FireRed

I plan on this team:

Not a six Poke team, may throw in a few more as I play. I'll start this weekend.
Originally Posted by ScubaDouch3 View Post
I'm just curious, but why is a Raticate on your team? It isn't a Poison type so I was just wondering if it was a planned HM Slave or something, none of my business though.
It is my business though. Why is there a Raticate listed on your team? That's not a Pokemon of your type. And if it were an HM slave I would expect Rattata, not Raticate.

Originally Posted by jujuju View Post
By the way, would I be allowed to hack in a Water Stone for Poliwhirl at some point?
No. There are ways to get a Water Stone in game. It's not as easy as R/B/Y, but it's doable.