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I've had a handful of ideas for fun systems to include in this; some inspired by other pokemon/non pokemon games, but I'm not sure yet what will end up making it in. Like, I haven't even really started working on them, just thinking about implementation. I don't want to worry too much about big new complex systems until I have some solidly playable basic gameplay; I've done that before in projects and ended with a cool system, but no game, or even any energy to work on the game, haha. The pitfalls of being a solo dev, I guess! But yeah, the main two things I'm thinking so far are a pokemon yellow style pokemon follower thing, and a location restriction thing based around outfits (eg, can't go to a snowy area without a warm outfit, or a beach without a swimsuit, or a lair without a henchgirl costume. Outfits would be gained through different methods, there'd be some secret outfits/areas etc. that kind of thing), as well as the obligatory "unique" pokegear device.

Graphics-wise, I'm not really planning on any innovation! Custom tiles seem too hard for me, haha
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