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    Sammy stared at the Luxury Ball. What were the chances he would try and gift her with the same kind of pokeball she had accidently caught her Shuppet with? She shook her head. As much as she had been considering ribbing him over owing her, she never wanted any actual repayment. Besides, she could feel Corphish staring at her. He was an odd sort, with very unusual concepts of right and wrong. He probably didn't trust Shawn one bit, but if she tried to take a reward for a good deed he'd be as likely to pinch her as approve. Any means were appropriate if the cause was right, but he seemed to have issues with taking advantage of people.

    "I didn't help you out for any reason other than that you needed it Shawn. Keep the ball, they're seriously expensive. Just promise me that whatever pokemon you catch with it, I get the first battle. That seems fair enough to me. Deal?"
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