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    i really liked the design about psyduck(how it have the stuff in the back) and it seemed the most possible one to be in game for me (XD)

    heracross one is looks nice but the colours do not really fit to me and that doesnt really look nice, i love the type and i know how magnemite's can be considered as an magnet type.7/10

    tangela one looks tough. the spriting is nearly perfect(the only thing can be considered as a "mistake" is that shading on fork). but i must say that this wouldn't fit the game at-all. food type seems like a no to me(i know how there is food pokemons and stuff but it really cant fit the game..) and also it seems just like a food type! yeah thats what i see when i look at it, and that was a + point too.9.999/10

    altaria, ooh altaria, the sprite is so perfect! and the type and everything, i can't even criticise that thing. it looks so good!10/10

    so here is the thing about gastly, it looks nice and the things you add is nice but it looks incomplete and i cant really say, oh that is an virus type when i look at that. because it looks somehow incomplete like i said. i love gastly and i loved the things you did there.7/10

    and by that way like i said, i voted for altaria, i loved it so so so so much!