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Just keep on addin', is my stance! :3

I'd love for there to be more TMs! The thought of HMs still bugs me, but if anything I just wish HMs were easier to remove without having to go to a Move Deleter each and everytime you wanted them removed, that part was just kind of irritating, if anything.

And also what Aero mentioned here:

2. Once you have the HM, you aren't required to teach it to a Pokemon in order for the Pokemon to be able to use it outside of battle. You just need the corresponding badge and the HM, and the Pokemon itself simply has to have the POTENTIAL of being able to learn the move (for example, say you have the Surf HM and its corresponding badge and you have a Swanna. It doesn't have to physically know Surf to be able to Surf outside of battle).
That'd be my wish as far as TMs/HMs go for these games.

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