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    Sammy wasn't entirely sure that Shawn had grasped the difference in promising to battle at some point, and promising she would be the first person who got to battle his next pokemon, but she let it slide. She had been about to question the location of the nurse herself when she was bustled out of the doorway by a large, officious looking woman with her hair in a steely grey bun. Sammy was told in no uncertain terms that the nurse was to be left with Shawn so she conduct her examination on the boy, and quickly shooed her out of the room, leaving Sammy barely enough time to say goodbye to Shawn.

    Standing in the hallway with the door closed in her face she strongly considered marching back in and giving the nurse a piece of her mind, but figured it wouldn't do anybody any favours. She could see that Cubone was falling off his feet from exhaustion, so recalled the little guy back to his pokeball. Corphish on the other hand seemed as alert as ever.

    "Well, come on then. We need to head into town and get Shuppet checked on I guess."
    "Cor cor."

    They made their way out of the dorm building, passing on their thanks to the attendant at the front desk, and wound through the Academy grounds before hitting the road to Oak Town. Now that she had a little time to herself - not counting Corphish scuttling along sideways beside her of course - she could give some thought to Shuppet. She had always found Ghost type pokemon very interesting and, not that she would ever admit it to anyone, quite romantic. Given the option she may have picked up a Sableye or a Froslass, but Shuppet was what she had.

    She didn't know a great deal about the pokemon, so once she arrived at the Pokemon Center she handed the Luxury Ball across the counter along with Cubone's pokeball and Corphish. It never hurt to be safe and get them checked out at every available opportunity. While waiting for her pokemon to be seen to she sat down with one of the staff and spoke to them about basic matters concerning Shuppet. Their diet, expected behaviour patterns, move pool, evolutionary path and assorted other information you needed to know to care for a pokemon properly. She was going to be exhausted by the time she got to bed...
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