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    The moves I saw used include Trump Card and Swift. I couldn't identify the other two, but one looked like a Ghost-type move while the other seemed to have elements of Fire. This suggests Will-o-Wisp which has been used by Ghost types.

    Analyzing Trump Card, we can get an idea for types. There are three Pokémon who can currently learn it by leveling up. One is an unevolved Eevee, so this Sylveon may have leveled up late for this demonstration or might learn it earlier than Eevee does. The other two who can learn Trump Card are Slowking (Water/Psychic) and Minun (Electric). We already have Jolteon, so I rule out Electric. We already have Espeon, so I rule out Psychic. We also have Vaporeon to rule out the Water type, which rules out half of those who learn Trump Card by breeding (others are Normal).

    Swift meanwhile can be learned naturally by 11 different types, none of which include Ghost. I see Bug, Steel, Flying, and Fighting among those types. If a second Eeveelution comes, Fighting is supported as a suggested type if both have similar moves at points in the move chains. Additionally, this very Pokémon could be your fighting type.

    Can anyone identify the first move of the four displayed, as well as the third? I'm certain which ones are Trump Card and Swift.

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