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Originally Posted by Synthet View Post
@Megaman765 I really like the idea that Commodore holds important data for Team Rocket, or at least data they don't want anyone else to have. You could even take it further and say that Commodore was specifically created to hide that data, and given to Mark (who was about to travel to an island protected by Gary MotherLovin' Oak) to keep the data out of their hands. It would give Mark a really nice storyline in my opinion. Looking forward to interacting with him.
Ohhh good idea. I kind of want this to lead to Commodores evolution as well. I think Porygon 2 evolves when exposed to large ammounts of pirated data. Maybe the data he's hiding could result in his evolution, causing him to go pretty out of control. I can have Mark find this out later. It'd of course make him a primary target for Team Rocket once they figure out he has Commodore.

@Lilizuki: Also getting to your SU right now :p

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