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I think having one game instead of two wouldn't really be as great... and it would make it significantly less hard to catch them all and would also mean I wouldn't socialize...

However... I think if Pokemon ever did decide to just release an individual game instead of different versions, then I think having a butterfly effect deciding what Pokemon you encounter would be really cool. Where decisions like choosing a starter, choosing a specific route and saying "yes" or "no" would effect the Pokemon you encounter later on in the game.

I think that would be pretty neat and give it replayability. It would also get people to really seek out trades if they want a specific Pokemon.

However I would feel sorry for the person who gets swamped with all the Rodent Pokemon...

(sorry for going off topic a bit, but if it was certain you'd get all the pokemon in the new region then I'd be a little dissapointed)
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