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Originally Posted by joshbl56 View Post
Yay :D If this is the case, I would like to keep going with my silver challenge as well (time to use some of that money up XD) I'll probably start playing again after class and then update before bed. Thank you!

Also, do you mind the use of the speed button on the gameboy emulator? I've only used it to get through people talking to me sometimes (like Whitney crying) and wondered if I could speed through some grinding as well (cause grinding takes forever to do)
LOL, sure xD I LOVE the fast forward button. Makes my grinding and pretty much everything a lot faster xD So feel free to use it xD but don't be like me and use it in trainer battles >.> I trolled myself with selfdestruct and earthquake once >.

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.

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