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    Pokémon Dusty Diamond is a 493 patch of Pokémon Diamond that I've been working on. It allows you to catch Pokémon from all four regions up to Sinnoh (As they are the only ones available in Diamond) very early in the game, and lots of trainers have had their Pokémon modified to add to this.

    Pokémon Changes
    I've already changed a few Pokémons movesets, types and stats, and here are a few examples:

    Luxio and Luxray are now Electric\Dark.
    Psyduck and Golduck are now Water\Psychic.
    Blastoise is now Water\Steel.
    Pinsir is now Bug\Fighting.
    Blaziken, Persian, Dugtrio, Exeggutor and Magneton (as well as a few others) have had their movesets changed slightly.
    Masquerain has been given a stat boost; as have Breloom, Luvdisc and Absol. I'll be doing this to some of the weaker or standalone Pokémon too.

    I do have to admit, I did change a lot of the other Pokémon's types too; these are just the ones that I feel were the most justified.

    Here are some screenshots of the game:

    Sorry for not getting a variety of images uploaded; I didn't have enough time today and I'll hopefully get more up tomorrow.

    Help Needed
    I will be needing some help with this project, and if anyone could help, I would be extremely grateful. The things I will be needing help with are:

    Changing TMs
    Changing Music (I want to sprinkle in a few references from other games, like Oreburgh mine becoming Super Mario Bros.' Underworld theme, or Eterna City becoming a slower Starlight Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog if possible).
    Editing maps a little.Changing the starters (tried three times and it didn't work).

    Thanks for reading and here are the download links:

    Version 1.0:

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