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    Levina ~ Cape City

    Levina let out a huffed sigh as she listened to Snype. "Before we do that we should check out the sites of the explosions. There might be some stragglers around there. Survivors or members of the rebellion. Either way we can get some information from them about who we're fighting. I can take the southern part of the city with Levina." He said. ‘Great, scouting duty.’ She thought as she looked at the scruffy Pokemon with an annoyed look on her face. “I better get to fight someone.” She mumbled in a gruff tone.

    To her surprise, the Sableye jumped on top of her back like he was riding a Ponyta. "I can keep an eye on the newbie. Kehehe." He joked. Levina could tell a smirk was forming on the brave Pokemon’s face. “You are one gutsy Pokemon you know that?” She smirked as she turned her head far enough to see him out of the corner of her eye. “I’d respect that……..if I enjoyed being ridden like a horse.” Levina growled the last part as she sent a jolt of electricity coursing through the Sableye’s body. The shock wasn’t strong enough to do much damage but still would smart quite a bit. Once Snype was stunned by the shock, Levina bucked him off to the ground beside her. Levina sat beside the Pokemon and snickered. “Opps…what happened? Did you fall off? Hehe. You know you should really hang on better.” She giggled as she watched him.