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    Genevieve L’esprit
    “Enough, children!” Genevieve barked at the Jolteon and Sableye, frustration obvious in her voice. As if Snype wasn’t enough, now another wearisome personality was added into the mix. “The adults are trying to find a solution to our current predicament. So, if you two would rather waste my time with your childish behavior, please, feel free to do so at another time. If, on the other hand, you wish to help us find a real fix to our problem,” she looked down at them with a distasteful glare, “I would be happy to hear it. You two can breed later.” Genevieve gave a dismissive wave with her last comment, one of the few times she could be caught joking.

    “Now.” She returned her attention back to Scar. “I do believe we have gone through these actions before with very similar results.” Genevieve began to pace and place a hand to her chin as she weighed the possible outcome of each scenario. Why not go ahead and have the final battle here? The numbers were certainly on their side, there was no element of surprise and they had an army that didn’t fear death. These were all things the Gold Tribe lacked that they didn’t. “I myself have made public displays of executions,” she spoke up again. “I murdered a Pichu’s father before the eyes of the Gold Tribe for all to see, with little affect I might add. I believe our only option is to kill these swine without letup or favor.”

    Turning to Sovereign, a slightly disappointed look on her face at his dismissal of her idea, she walked up to him and stroked his chin affectionately. “Dear Sovereign, how could you be so against this idea? You of all Pokemon should appreciate the lengths that we need to go to win this war. This will not end until these Pokemon learn to respect us. They will never learn until we lay them on the ground in prostration and beat it in to them!”

    “After all,” she turned to the rest of the Sentinels as a whole. “When you have an infestation, you don’t kill a few bugs as an example. No. You kill them without prejudice and rid them from your home.” Pausing for emphasis, she looked down at her hands as if imagining the blood that stained them. “Friends...this entire kingdom is our home and it is infested with vermin. Let us exterminate them.”