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    Levina ~ Cape City

    Levina laughed, as she sat on him for a few more seconds, before finally removing herself from his chest. She sat beside him again and grinned. “That’s right. How can I forget a chance to battle? I must be losing it. This constant lull between fights is starting to make me soft.” Levina huffed a little before stretching and running some electricity through her fur to make it spike even more. “Let’s get going! I can’t sit around anymore!” An evil smirk appeared on her face as she thought of all the Pokemon she was going to get to fight and/or kill. “Hurry and get up! We need to go!” Levina addressed Snype as she started pacing in an antsy way.

    Levina stopped when the Gardevoir addressed them in a rude matter. “Enough, children!” She barked frustrated. “The adults are trying to find a solution to our current predicament. So, if you two would rather waste my time with your childish behavior, please, feel free to do so at another time. If, on the other hand, you wish to help us find a real fix to our problem,” she looked down at them with a distasteful glare, “I would be happy to hear it. You two can breed later.” The Gardevoir gave a dismissive wave with her last comment.

    Levina rolled her eyes and walked behind the annoyed Gardevoir, sitting down behind her. As the Gardevoir finished her speech, Levina mimicked her speech pattern throwing in some funny gestures of her own. Making sure her new Sableye friend had full view of her actions. “Dear Sovereign, how could you be so against this idea? You of all Pokemon should appreciate the lengths that we need to go to win this war. This will not end until these Pokemon learn to respect us. They will never learn until we lay them on the ground in prostration and beat it in to them!” The Gardevoir said, addressing the Tyranitar. “After all,” she turned to the rest of the Sentinels as a whole. “When you have an infestation, you don’t kill a few bugs as an example. No. You kill them without prejudice and rid them from your home.” Pausing, she looked down at her hands. “Friends...this entire kingdom is our home and it is infested with vermin. Let us exterminate them.”

    Once the Gardevior was done, Levina returned to Snype’s side. “Just point me in a direction and I will leave a trail of blood for you to follow.” She smirked in a menacing way as she joined in the conversation. “Oh and Snype……if you’re going to follow me. Don’t get in my way. You don’t want to become barbequed do you?” Levina giggled and smirked at the scruffy Pokemon in a kidding way.