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Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
I would say the lack of anything else from him could either be cause he gave so much that his job as trolling us is done, or he actually is from Nintendo and is now sitting in jail for breaking the wonderful thing called an NDA.
While i don't know what NDA is, i would assume he wouldn't get that long in jail for it. Also nintendo may have just fired him if he works for them. Nintendo may also have asked him to stop posting for a bit to get the fans to talk more about it, that is if this is a new marketing plan which we have seen this year their approach to advertising is different. Either way the 15th will disprove or prove him right or wrong. I think that it could go either way, some of it sounds real and some of it is questionable but who knows, maybe nintendo wanted to change the series to bring more fans to it. They may have also changed it since it is the first main 3d pokemon game and they want to change it's level of play.