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I voted for Magnet-cross or Hera-net...? xD I guess it's kinda simple, but it works well, and the palette and shading looks nice. I like how you used the different 'sections' of the Pokemon to represent the different sides and colours of a magnet, and it isn't an obvious retype. Only criticism is in some parts it could be a little lighter I guess for the outline but it isn't that glaring and you obviously took into account the different tones for the outline as evidenced by the 'horn'.

The Psyduck uses a few too many dark outlines and I think the signal could be a little smoother. I like the design though and genuinely believe it could look really nice with a bit of work. :D Similarly, I really like food Tangela but I think the outline is a bit too light this time. I do really like the concept though. :D Prism Altaria also really looks nice and is a good concept and sprite. I like the rainbow "hair" and I think that part was quite nice. I didn't really like how the head was done and I am not really digging the crystalline head. I also can't really see it realistically as a Pokemon sprite. I kinda like my retypes to look like they'd fit in a Pokemon game and it kinda doesn't. :x It's a bit hard to explain but I do like the sprite and the palette. Virus Gastly is kinda limited by the Pokemon so I think something more larger might have allowed for more space to actually add elements. Choosing Gastly did kinda limit this. The palette is nice and the 'data' gas is a nice effect but yeah, as mentioned it doesn't exactly scream virus. Overall, good entries from everyone and I wish you all the bets of luck.