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Originally Posted by MightyHeracross View Post
The whole thing with my theory is that all the other "Special" types have an eeveelution... except dragon. Plus, dragon is super effective against itself! It fits both parts of my theory. Believe it or not, ghost, poison, and bug were physical in gens 1-4. Also, Im not sure why so many people think there will be a new type. The only reason Dark and Steel were introduced was to balance out the psychic type.
This is a pretty common theory actually, and it's definitely possible, although I still think it's going to be Flying-typed. Every Eeveelutions has an opposite (although there's two different ways to do it, where the outcome could be inferred to be either Flying or Dragon). Just aesthetically it doesn't look like a Dragon to me whatsoever, but then again neither does Altaria. It's definitely possible though.
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