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- Will Ash take some of his pokemon over, as it seems a lot of older pokemon are represented. Or at least shift them throughout XY Saga?
The only Pokemon I see coming back is Pikachu as usual. Maybe if there's a older Pokemon that gets a new evolution, it'll tag along with him like Aipom and then evolve. Though I hope it doesn't end up like poor Ambipom. There's rumors of Sableye (and Heracross appearently.) getting an evolution in X and Y and one appears in the 16th movie. Maybe Ash will catch one before the end of the BW series like how he caught Aipom during Battle Frontier at the end of the Advanced series. Though then again, I don't see Ash having a Sableye on his team, but Iris got a Dragonite, and I didn't expect that.

- Will either Iris or Cilan follow Ash to the new region? Or will he have completely new companions?
I can see Cilan coming to the new region with him, but not Iris. I see her returning to the Village of Dragons or continuing her journey by traveling to other regions to become the champion. And frankly I don't want Iris to come back.
- Out of the starters, which do you personally prefer Ash to have or do you wish for him to have more then one?
I think Ash will have either Chespin or Froakie. Froakie seems like it would suit him very well. Though I don't see him with Fennekin. If he does get Fennekin, then I hope that it doesn't get the "Fire-type starter is abandoned by previous trainer" treatment.
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