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    Time all at once seemed to go from slowly ticking by to rushing out the door. The nurse finally came in and ushered Sammy and her team out the door immediately. As she closed the door, the nurse turned to Shawn. She gingerly layed him down on the bed and started her examination. He was extremely uncomfortable with all this, but he determined that it was all for the best.

    She sat him up and produced a sewing kit. Using some type of novocaine, she sewed up the gashes in his head while making sure she didn't jerk his head around and hurt him worse. After what seemed like forever, she finished with him and determined that he had a concussion that would last a few days. She gave him a dose of painkillers and decided that he'd be ok to go to classes tomorrow. She adjusted his bed and made sure he was comfortable. Finally, she cleaned the rest of the blood from his hair and face before she left, telling him to "be more careful next time".

    Shawn felt better and happier, but didn't want to sleep. He had to get to the pokemon center to heal his team. He felt himself getting steadier on his feet, so he decided to try and walk there himself. He got himself read and slowly walked outside. He walked out the dorm towards the pokemon center.

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