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Update on Ultimate Monocolor Challenge (Black).

On to Sinnoh!

Update #1 on Platinum.

Name: Black
Rival: Barry
Starter: Turtwig
  • Defeated the first gym with Grotle easily, then got the Honey in Florama Town.
  • My trainer ID said that the Florama Meadow tree was a Munchlax tree, so I slapped some Honey on it and got Munchlax to appear!
  • Caught her and named her Grumpy as usual. All Munchlax spawn holding a Leftovers, which is awesome.
  • After some training, Grumpy defeated Mars with Return and Rock Tomb.
  • Got through Eterna Forest with Cheryl's help, and traded a Buizel for Charap the Chatot in Eterna City.
  • Charap quickly went over the L20 obeying level cap, but I managed to defeat Gardenia regardless with her Chatter attack.
  • Defeated Team Galactic and Jupiter in the TG Eterna Building.
  • Went down Cycling Road and through Mt. Coronet to Hearthome City, where I picked up Kuro the Eevee.
  • After a ton of Biking around, Wayward Cave, and fighting trainers I skipped to get to Hearthome, Kuro evolved into Umbreon!
  • While challenging the gym, Grumpy also evolved into Snorlax!
  • Challenged Fantina and won without much trouble, Charap is really powerful with Chatter right now.
  • Defeated Barry then went to Solaceon Town, where I caught Evil Eye the Duskull in the Lost Tower.
  • Trained him up to match my team at L30, then continued on to Veilstone City.
  • Took on the gym, and after Evil Eye defeated Maylene's first two Pokemon, Kuro took down Lucario with Dig.
  • I am saved on Route 214, looking for a Houndour.

Team Black:

Grumpy the Adamant Snorlax, ♀ - L32 @ Leftovers
Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Return, Rock Tomb, Earthquake, Screech

Kuro the Relaxed Umbreon, ♀ - L33 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Bite, Quick Attack, Dig, Confuse Ray

Evil Eye the Relaxed Duskull, ♂ - L33 @ Spell Tag
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Shadow Sneak, Pursuit, Confuse Ray, Will-O-Wisp

Charap the Lonely Chatot, ♀ - L33
Ability: Tangled Feet
Moves: Fury Attack, Fly, Chatter, Mimic

HM Slaves:

Grotle - Rock Smash, Cut, Flash

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