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    Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
    The player lives in a good city just like ganesha mentioned and he just turned 15 or 12 whatever you guys want. The rules of the Hunder region says that when they are in this age, they are allowed to get their trainer license from the Pokemon Agents that pass each year in every town/city(i'll explain this concept later). The player and his rival decide to get a pokemon as being the Poke Champ was their dream. After that, they encounter Prof xxxxx who knew them since they were babies. He is happy that they each have a pokemon and decides to help them out by giving a PokeDex and 5 PokeBalls to each of the beginning trainers.
    I like this concept because I love the Pokemon Agents thing. And strormer247, you are in the team. I think that the team is full of Storyliners.
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