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    Zoran Nishant

    Zoran looked curiously down at the Vulpix as it padded over. Edmund glared at it. "Girly Q get the heck away from her. You smell like you need to be drowned in Aloe Vera." The Buneary hopped from foot to foot, prepared to kick the bugger off. However, the girl knelt and gently reached out a tan, slender hand towards Van. A tiny smile rose on her face. Then she paused. the air instantly chilled. Edmund shivered briefly as the gears turned in the teen's mind.

    Dancing sparks of warm colors mixed with the smell of warmed wood and charred metal. Around her is nothing but red, reds and oranges and golds the color of molten glass and daffodils. She is running. Sister. Sister I'm here. Please, please answer. Not you too... I don't want to take you away too...

    Ah... Zoran looked around, seeing how Edmund shook visibly despite his fur. Oops... She closed her eyes and reached out, gently patting the Vulpix on the head with a slightly shaking hand. Carefully, the dark girl scooped her up, gently cradling the fox in her arms. "You don't have to worry," she breathed softly over the kitsune's ears, just enough for Van to hear. "I'm not going to hurt you. I don't see any profit in it. Just use me as you see fit, okay little one?"

    Straightening, she gave Quin a smile. "Yeah!" she cheered. "I'm fine! Just a bit confused is all? Hey, that's a cute Pokemon right there!" She smiled at Esper, eyes sparkling faintly. "Is he yours?"

    Edmund huffed and scowled. "You freaky-deaky abomination to the Dread Plate, you are going to get me killed."

    Zoran looked down at him and grinned, smirk almost pure white. "I would never. You're so mean Eddy!"

    "Edmund, for Arceus' sake!"
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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