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Ok, time for another update!

Pokemon Silver

Number of Badges: 8

*After KagamiChan added that extra rule, I went and bought 1 greatball 3 times to catch a krabby (they refused to be caught D: )
*After getting it I swam to Cianwood to fight chuck, which I was horribly defeated by the first 3 people in the gym (so much for having almost all normal pokemon :\ )
*After grabbing the Secret Potion, I swam around to find battles and to grind for some levels for a bit (made much easier thanks to the fast forward button)
*Back to the gym and lost a few times to chuck (I swear my noctowl has the worst eyesight to miss so many times)
*When I finally won (thanks to hypnosis), I swam back to olivine to give jasmine the potion to use.
*Ignoring her gym for now, I went straight to Mahagany Town to stop the Red Gyrados and team rocket!
*After being the hero for a bit I went to pryce's gym and had a pretty easy time defeating him with Geo's magnitude and Mike's Hyper Fang
*I then went to Blackthorn City to try and defeat the gym but couldn't get in, just to remember that I had to fight jasmine and get team rocket out of goldenrod
*Prioritizing the gym fight first, I quickly went over to Olivine and defeated Jasmine with Geo and Owen
*After that, I quickly went to Goldenrod to take care of Team rocket, gaining the silver wing from the radio guy and then back to blackthorn
*After having two of my pokemon defeated by the first guy in the gym, I quickly went outside and grind for about 1~2 levels
*Went back and defeated all the extra trainers in the gym (and having to leave after every one to go heal )
*On to Clair, who beat me pretty badly a few times (to my annoyance). After grinding for another 1~2 levels, I was able to defeat her with a super fang to her three dragonairs and then hyponesis/take down combo to kingdra
*Quickly going to the Dragon's Den to get the fang, I then went to the poke center to heal and put up items I couldn't use (apricorns, nevermeltice, dragon fang, etc.)
*Back to New Bark to get the master ball from the prof. and then off to Kanto, where I am currently stationed at Route 26, waiting for morning.

Current Team:

Nicky the Noctowl- Level 40
Take Down

Geo the Graveler- Level 41

Mike the Raticate- Level 42
Super Fang
Quick Attack
Hyper Fang

Dex the Eevee- Level 43
Quick Attack

Owen the Nidoking- Level 42
Poison String
Horn Attack
Double Kick

Seaking (HM slave)- Level 22

Yeah, as you can see, my Eevee hasn't evolved yet so I'm gonna run around a lot to try and get up his happiness

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