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How about...

Who's your favorite Homestuck pair? ♥♦♣♠ * This includes all former pairs ;) *

With Homestuck's troll romance system, a lot of pairs could be paired up or something...

For Matespritship, I love John and Vriska and Tavros and Vriska... Well, to be honest, I love all of Vriska's matesprits... <3

For Moirallegiance, Nepeta and Equius, Gamzee and Karkat...

For Auspisticism, well, all kmown auspisticized pairs which involves Kanaya as the auspistice.

And for Kismesissitude, Karkat and himself. 'nuff said.

in other news, I still haven't been listed as one of the Prospit dreamers... ;)
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