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    Levina ~ Cape City

    Levina immediately burst out laughing, at Snype’s joke about breeding, and walked away from the group a bit to get out the laughter. Once she was able to catch her breath, Levina rejoined the group sitting next to Snype again. She leaned towards him and whispered, “That would be the ultimate joke! ‘Make’ a group of mini us and send them to annoy everyone. Hehe.” She straightened back up and acted serious to give off the appearance that she was listening to everything that was going on.

    "Kehehe, sure. As long as I get a chance to ride you one of these days! Could use a bit of speed! Kehehe." Snype joked again. Levina gave the Sableye a curious look. “Ride me? Are you serious? You want me to give you a ride on my back? Why? Hehe.” It was an odd request that no one had ever asked the Jolteon before.