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Update #2

  • Exited Pewter City, obtained Running Shoes
  • Worked my way through Route 2
  • Entered Mt. Moon
  • Caught Paras
  • Obtained TM 09 (Bullet Seed), taught to Paras
  • Grinded Paras to level 13
  • Obtained Helix Fossil, exited Mt. Moon
  • Entered Cerulean City
  • Fought and defeated Rival (Fruggle)
  • Fought and Defeated Gym Trainers with Paras
Current Party:

Butterfree lv. 18
Sleep Powder

Beedrill lv. 14
Poison Sting
String Shot
Fury Attack

Paras lv. 15
Stun Spore
Bullet Seed