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-Main Information-

Name: Leon Stoner
Age: 20
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 212lbs
Location: Washington D.C., United States


Atlantean Tattoo:

It takes the form of two tribal skulls facing away from each other, with a pitch black dagger right in the middle of the two, covering up most of the back side of the skulls. It covers his left pectoral


Leon’s Natural Hair color is that of a light brown color, but he has dyed it black due to the fact that he has always like the black color of hair more, also strands of his bangs are dyed a dark green just to give some contrast and people now recognize that as his normal look. His hair comes down past his chin, straight as an edge, though he has it layered. His eyes are a deep and dark blue in color. He has also a soul patch for his choice of facial hair.

He has a very athletic body build due to the fact that he enjoys skateboarding and also taking up parkour as hobbies. Though his skater like body may not make him out to be all that tough, but he uses his quick movement to trick people that he does get in fights with. He has one ear piercing that has a lone silver loop in it.


His shirts can range from anywhere to long sleeved shirts to button up business shirts. Though he is more commonly seen in the button up casual shirts of a solid color that are short sleeved. When he is out skating, he is wearing t-shirts and some long sleeve shirts with t-shirts over them, the normal skater like look. Though he does have a few goose down vests he wear’s over the t-shirts also.

For pants he has pairs upon pairs of jeans, most of them a little baggy so that he doesn’t feel trapped in them. He also has pairs of Khaki pants for when he was to change things up a bit, and also a few pairs of khaki long shorts that he has. He does have a few pair of dress pants just in case he needs them for those special occasions so he doesn’t look like just some skater punk that he is usually portrayed as.

As for accessories, he has a pair of gunnar PPK eyeglasses that he does wear most of the time, and a few beanies along with ball caps, as well as a fedora. He also has two blazers to go with his business outfit and a few ties to compliment them.


He is a man who tries to hide the scars of his past life. A facade is what he tries to put up just so that he just doesn’t let people down for the most part. He is usually seen all happy and without a care in the world, trying to live everyday like it was his last. For the most part that is true, yet everyone in the world has their own dark secret that they want to hide. He acts strong for his family, especially his younger siblings. They look up to him as their father figure since their father was never around to see them all grow up.

When things do go wrong, or he is just having the occasional off day, he does sink into a deep state of depression. This state can last anywhere from an hour to the whole day. No one knows about his depression except for the people that have raise him, his grandparents. They have had told him to go get it checked out, but he never has cause he didn’t want to seem weak to the two people who thought of him as the strongest. His grandparents have understood this and lately have stopped bugging him about it.

He also is quick to anger, especially if betrayed by people he held close. Getting into fights have been constant thing in his life. The fighting usually involves words rather than fists, as he believes that words scar people more than a fist could ever, but there has been times where he had to resort into fist fighting, not because he wanted too, but because the person who started it all took the first swing at him.

Other than those two things, when he is in a good mood he is about one of the most pleasant people to be around, Always trying to get people to laugh and at times and trying to lively up anywhere he is, cause he knows how it is to be in the darkness of one’s own mind. He does believe in trying to live life to fullest and not to have no regrets, but that is hard when he does have regrets of his own.

He is also a people person, and usually the party person out of a crowd. He finds it easier to fit in with a multitude of people rather than just a few close friends. He lives for the social life and if he isn’t working, he is hanging out with his group of skater friends or out at a club having a few drinks with random people he meets.

If it comes to a life and death situation though, he will take the stand and take the hits for anyone, even if it means his life. He believes that if the people that he cares about can make it out alive, that he had served his purpose and will gladly accept death.


He’s life was not the very best of ones, but one he wouldn’t change no matter if he was even offered the chance to. Though he did not like his past, it was something that melded him, and his younger siblings. It was a part of him that he would never let go.

He was born in a small town of Bryan, Ohio. His mother was a worker in the Spangler Candy Company and his father was in the United States Marine Corp. He lived in that small town until his mother was pregnant with his little brother, he was 4 when he heard the news and was excited about having a little brother. His family moved to D.C. so that they could be closer to his father and then when he turned 5 his brother, Sam was born.

2 years later, his mother got pregnant again with his little sister Rayne, and that was again another moment he couldn’t wait for, but this time it was different. This time their father wouldn’t get to see his daughter. Eight months into the pregnancy they got a knock on the door; it was their father’s Commanding Officer, the knock no Marine wife wanted to get. Her husband, his father had died from an IED. This destroyed the fabric of the house and it started to fall downhill.

He tried to keep everything alive, tried so hard for an Eight year old boy. Though he tried so hard his mother just feel apart, turned to drugs and alcohol to solve the heartbreak that she had. She became so much into debt that they had to live in homeless shelters, and all the money that she was getting was just going into more and more drugs and alcohol. Even though he tried to even hide them, he would just get yelled at and hit, but he had to take care of his siblings as well.

Then finally the time came when he was eleven, he called up his grandparents and asked them to take them away from the household they were in, and they complied not wanting their grand children in any more harm than they already were. They got in the car and didn’t look back at the house, though the tears couldn’t be held back. After a few weeks though cops did come to their grandparents’ door but they fought their mom in the court and won custody of them. They haven’t spoken to their mom since.

During the time that he and his siblings were with his grandparents he actually got a good education and also got a work ethic, from his strict yet kind grandfather. He got a job at a small conveniencestore when he was sixteen and kept it, he also moved into his small apartment when he turned eighteen and since then he has never lost his smile.

The day came when the Alanteans made their existence known, he had heard about it when he was on break one day from his brother, but really didn’t think anything of it. He actually thought that it was just some hoax just so that the governments could get media attention. Though a few hours later when he was in his apartment, he had an extremely strong nosebleed and he could feel the blood pumping through his body more so that he come before, there was also some other things that he could do that he couldn’t before, and again his life had been changed.



Hemomancy is the power to control on owns blood or free blood. Free blood is blood that is outside a beings body, so it could be from blood banks, bottles, or anything like that. It can be used to create projectiles, or it can be used to crystallize blood into more hand held weapons or even walls to stop attacks. All this though is if the blood is free flowing. If the blood is still in the user though it can be used to raise the density of it to give the user a sort of derma armor but only for an extremely limited time and also can be used to give the user more stamina and power along with the ability to move one’s own limbs if paralyzed.

The positive about this ability is the fact that the user has increased blood blood regeneration so that they can use their blood as a weapon. It also gave them a kind of sneak attack if the opponent doesn’t expect that a cut that they gave the Hemomancer was actually their undoing.

The most negative side effect of Hemomancy is death. If a Hemomancer does not control their self or let their body regenerate to enough blood that they will just bleed out and die. Also after a battle a Hemomancer must rest, they cannot do sustain fights back to back, and must rely on quickly killing their opponents.

(Note: Hemomancy usually allows one to control the blood of an opponent as well, but for the sake of balance I have completely removed that concept, as I did find it to be extremely powerful

-Writing Sample-

“Hey bro did you read the news?”

Leon looked over at his brother who was sitting next to him on the curb of the parking lot. “No I haven’t, why do you ask?” He inquired; he never watched the news and his brother should have known that
“Well some guy came on the news and stated that he was the leader of a group of people, uh what were they called, oh yes Atlanteans.” Sam stated, he had a serious look on his face about it, like he thought it was some type of terrorist group or something of that nature.

Leon just chuckled and mess his brother’s hair up, “Come on kid, you don’t actually believe that do you, it is just probably some story the governments made up so that they could get more attention,” He stated as his brother fixed his hair with a scorn on his face. He knew the kid hated that but he was his older brother, he had to torture him. Leon got up and sighed, patting his hands on the blue apron of Quik-e Mart. He grabbed his skateboard and hopped on it, riding it around for the last few minutes before he had to head back into work.

“You do know that not everything on TV is just some reality scam!,” Sam yelled after him.

“Yes they are!,” Leon replied back

Sam got up and waved bye to his brother, he knew the time was almost up if Leon was on his board. Though it was usually only during break that they saw each other Leon did like the company, and he waved back and then ollied over one of the parking lot markers. He then got off and looked up into the sky. It was a nice afternoon, and he wished that he didn’t have to work, but he did have to make a living. Kicking the board up into his hand, he quickly headed into the Store to finish up his shift.

A couple hours later, Leon came out of the store and fell to his knees. “FREEEEEEEDOOOOM!!,” he yelled and looked back to see some of the female cashiers giggling. He then gave them a smile and road off to his home. He got home and kicked off his shoes into the closet and put his board in there as well. Heading to the bathroom for a well deserved shower, and was going to relax for the rest of the day. He went into the bathroom and took off his shirt and as he did he felt a nosebleed happen and quickly grabbed a lot of toilet paper and pinched the bridge of his nose over the sink. “God dang it, I hate these things,” his voice muffled.

He could feel it run through the paper and over his fingers as it dripped into the sink. He was starting to get annoyed, “God damn it, just stop already.” He stated and then like magic he could no longer feel the blood flow. Something else he noticed was that he could feel it flow through his body, it was weird, and maybe just some side effects from the nose bleed. He wiped his nose and upper lip clean and threw the blood soaked paper away. Leon looked down at the blood then, it seemed brighter than normal, and he brought a finger close to one of the drops he moved towards it.

Immediately at this site he backed away. “What the hell was that!” Then an intense burning came onto his chest and he fell to his knees, gripping the left side of his chest above his heart. A heart attack at this age, he just couldn’t believe it, as he screamed out in pain. A few minutes later it stopped and he finally could open his eyes. He got to his feet, his body shaken and looked in the mirror. A black tattoo now on his chest, he put a finger on it and winced, it was still sore. Then a knock came on his door and he went to get it. Opening it, it was one of his neighbors, a worried look on her face.

“Are you alright?” she asked, concern lacing every word

“Yea its fine, I just accidently hit the tattoo, still sore from getting it done.,” a lie, and he flashed his famous smile.

"Alright just making sure," she said before walking off.

He closed the door and quickly jumped on his couch and turned on the tv to a news channel, if what his brother said was right, they would be airing it all day. He watched it and sighed, so it seemed that what they said were true and it wasn't some staged hoax, it seemed he truly was an Atlantean


~Made by Myself~

Life Green Grd/Ice/Stl~4/8
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