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    Issac Milke - Volcano Cave

    "So anything in particular you’re hoping for?” C.J. asked as he took the first step into the cave viewing the pools of molten lava scattered throughout.
    "Haven't really though about it," Issac started as he followed him into the cave, getting hit by the intense heat, "Maybe a houndour.. or a--"

    "Mag mag mag mag mag" A group of Magby repeated as they crossed in front of Issac and C.J. There was one leading and the rest of the group was following in a line. He seemed to be their leader. As the group spotted them, they got hostile and tried to pass the leader to attack.
    "Mag!" He said putting his arm in front of them to signal that they stay back. He stepped forward, asserting his dominance as well as throwing up a challenge.

    Isaac looked over at C.J. "Well.. Maybe this Magby. A bit showy, but I kind of like his personality."

    "Come on Trunks. We got this." Issac asserted as he stepped up and waved for Trunks to come forward. "C.J... if you wouldn't mind, make sure the rest do not interfere. Trunks is at a disadvantage as it is."

    "Well.. here I go.." Trunks said to Ax before reluctantly stepping up.

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