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Levina ~ Cape City

“Cocky are we? Hehehe,” She smirked. “You don’t know what I am capable of. Don’t count me out yet just because I am a girl. I might knock that sly smirk right off your face.” Levina flirted with confidence. She wasn’t going to let Snype beat her in this teasing and flirting game.

“You do. Especially with that ruffled hair of yours.” Levina put a paw on his head and ruffled his fur even more, using a slight static charge to make it stand up. “So why would you need me to help you project that image?” She smirked as she spoke. Levina knew she had a good point and it would be hard for Snype to make a comeback. “Besides, before I agree to anything I want you to prove that you can handle my shocks. This won’t be a walk in the park.” She giggled and smirked menacingly at the Sableye. “The last thing I would need is to be dragging you along, unconscious, as I try to have some fun. I might just end up ditching you in a back alley somewhere. Hehehe.”